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Building skills and making memories with Hapkido family!

Pobok-sool workshop

Another awesome day on the mat at JMAFC. Todays Pobok-sool workshop focused on the concepts, methods and techniques used as a foundation to develop practical and effective skill sets with items such as rope, a belt, scarf, and even a plastic shopping bag like you get at the grocery store. We drilled for 5 hours on blocks, locks, restraints, holds, strikes, and throws.

We had a full house that included several father and son teams, husband and wife teams, and many other students of all ranks. Everyone single participant was a serious, dedicated Hapkidoin. Everyone brought a dish to pass for the lunch break and we had a great time together. At the end of the 5 hour training everyone took their turn in the center of the circle, demonstrating their Pobok-sool.

It was a great day spent with our Hapkido Family, building skills and making memories!!

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