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Adult Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts Programs at JMAFC

Hap Ki Do - Korean Martial Art of Self-Defense

Adult Martial Arts training a JMAFC Class teaches extremely effective self-defense, physical and mental fitness that results in clarity and calmness in dealing with stressful situations. Through the study of the philosophy of the art of  Hapkido and the science of actual self-defense, you find yourself looking at life challenges as opportunities, rather than obstacles. You will become more resilient, and therefore better able to face the stress’s of everyday life. Those who study and practice Hapkido celebrate their successes in training, and therefore learn to celebrate themselves in life. They become calmer and more confident which leads to competency and a feeling of self-worth.

What separates Jung Moo Hapkido from other martial arts, is the fact that it has no sport  or tournament component. In a real self-defense situation there are no judges, buzzers or whistles to stop the action. There is no point system for kick, strike sparring, or time out, or tap out for submissions. You do not strike or kick to score a point. There are no forms, (Kata, Hyung or Poomse). Hapkido is a Martial Art of combat. Hapkido is a martial art that is designed to stop an attack as effectively and quickly as possible. Even against multiple attackers if needed. The Adult Martial Arts program at JMAFC will teach you effective self-defense.


Kum Do - Way of the Sword

The goal of Kumdo training is controlling the mind and body together. The curriculum of the JMAFC / SVK program is designed to progressively reduce the natural gap that exists between our mind and body. When we train, we are presented with physical movements that must be learned and performed with acute accuracy. Likewise, we are presented with the cognitive material that helps us learn, understand and perform the physical movements. In the beginning the gap between the two, (mental and physical), is great. As we progress through the curriculum, the gap between mind and body narrows. In Kumdo this begins to happen very quickly. The curriculum also encompasses the natural and moral philosophy of Kumdo.

8:36 pm