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Meet Jung’s Staff

Jung Martial Arts Family Center Staff

Master Terry O'Connell

“Master Terry” is an Internationally Recognized and Certified Master Instructor of Authentic Hapkido.

Master Ava O'Connell

“Master Ava” is an Internationally Recognized Master Instructor of Authentic Hapkido (Sabeom) at Jung Martial Arts Family Center. Master Ava holds a 5th Dan Black Belt in Hap Ki Do.

Instructor Lani OC

Instructor Noelani O'Connell

“Ms. Lani”, is a Internationally Certified 3rd Dan Black Belt in Hap Ki Do and Tae Kwon Do. Ms. Lani is head Instructor and director of Children’s Programs at Jung Martial Arts Family Center.




JMAFC Established in 1994

When Jung Martial Arts received it’s Charter in May of 1994 as an Authentic Hapkido Dojang, It’s Chief Instructor, Terry O’Connell, already had 20 years of continuous Martial Arts training. 10 of those years were devoted to Hapkido.

Authentic Techniques, Traditions, Philosophy

Jung Martial Arts prides itself on having quality, genuine Martial Arts Instruction. We are proud of our direct linage and are dedicated to passing on the authentic techniques, concepts, traditions and philosophies of our Hapkido family. The Staff of Jung Martial Arts Family Center are experienced Martial Arts Professionals. While each come from different backgrounds, it is our diversity that makes us strong leaders and exceptionally competent Instructors that work in a team teaching atmosphere.

Internationally Recognized / Certified Instructors

Many people have a misconception that having a Black belt makes a person qualified to teach others. This is false and damaging to not only the art, but also the individuals being instructed. The art passed down to others in this manner is degraded and inferior. Earning a Black Belt means that they have graduated from the color belt ranks and have built a foundation on which to learn. Not teach.

Having a Black Belt of any rank or style does not in itself qualify someone to be an Instructor regardless of degree ranking. At Jung Martial Arts, our Instructors hold genuine, Internationally Certified rankings and must meet stringent qualifications. They have been professionally trained to teach others in order to pass on the correct knowledge and skill sets to others. This ensures the continuation of the high standards and authenticity of the art.

JMAFC Instructor Standards

All Instructors at Jung Martial Arts Family Center must meet the following minimum standards;

  • Thorough Background Check and all State clearances. 
  • First Aid & CPR Certification
  • Serve for a 2-year minimum as an Apprentice Instructor
  • Certified 2nd Dan Black Belt with Assistant Instructor certification to Instruct Beginner or Intermediate Classes.
  • Certified 4th Dan Black Belt with Instructor certification to Instruct Advanced Classes.
  • Continuous Review by a Grand Master or Master Instructor


Jung Martial Arts Family Center is a Charter Dojang of the Korea Hapkido Federation (KHF) and the World Jung Moo Hapkido Association (WJHA).

Student Development

Our focus is on developing the whole student; mind, body and spirit, in a traditional, family oriented atmosphere. We view your personal accomplishments as a measure of our organizational success. Our students consist of people of all ages and from all walks of life, all are encouraged to grow and learn at their own rate.

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