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June Belt Grading Results


Traditional Values, Modern Skills, Authentic Martial Arts.

Belt grading is so much more than just evaluating a student’s skill sets. It is a lesson just like every other day on the mat. The difference is in the student’s perception of their environment and the stress responses that take effect within their mind and body because of those perceptions. Every class, every activity, every belt grading, is a lesson on handling the stressors that life inevitably throws at all of us.

Saturday, 14 very dedicated HapKIDo kids and teens ranging in age from 5 to 13, from several separate classes, earned a rank upgrade. They all recently earned their fourth stripe and came in today to face their fears in the spirit circle. Each one demonstrated their required skill sets for their age groups in front of six Black Belts on the review board. All the students above the rank of green demonstrated their conceptual knowledge blindfolded, including their Kyukpha (Breaking) requirement.

One blindfolded 13-year-old who has been a student for six years, was tasked with finding a plastic bottle being held by another student who was tapping it with a finger. He then executed a wheel kick, spinning 360 degrees knocking the bottle away. He then located a board being held by one of the Black Belt board members and used a strong spinning back side kick for the break. While that may seem like a flashy demonstration activity, to a black belt board examiner who understands the more complex nuances of traditional martial arts training, it shows a clear, raw view of the students mental and physical control. The student had never done it before and had no idea he would be doing it until that moment!  Focus of mind. Strength of body. Calmness of spirit. HapKiDo!

Congratulations and well done to these young Hapkidoin and their parents, who support them on their journey of self-discovery!