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Spring 2024 Black Belt Test Results

JMAFC welcomes two new Black Belts!

Holly and Logan have worked their way over the years, through our kids and teen programs.  Today, these two young warriors earned their Black Belts in HapKiDo after successfully taking four turns in the dynamic spirit circle. They defend against a group of six black belts who repeatedly and randomly attacked them with punches, kicks, grabs and holds. In the third round they defended against edged weapons, clubs and bats. In the fourth round they demonstrated their knowledge and proficiency with their locking concepts, blindfolded.

They then demonstrated their accuracy, speed, control and focus skills by completing their required breaking techniques. All in front of the grading panel of the most senior Black Belts at JMAFC, with a combined ninety-five years of training and experience in HapKiDo.

After being awarded their Black Belts, emotionally expressed their gratitude to their families by presenting them with a rose and a solemn kneeling bow.

A very special thank you to the Black Belts and Red belts that came in today to assist their Dojang brother and sister as they begin their Black Belt journey.

Congratulations Holly and Logan on behalf of Master Ava, Ms. Lani and myself.  It has been, and continues to be, an honor to see you growing up on our mat. You both are most definitely two future community leaders.