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April Kids Belt Grading Results

April Kids Belt Grading Results

Another fantastic Saturday on the mat at JMAFC Hapkido! Today we held three kids belt grading sessions, for 12 dedicated Hapkido kids, from ages 5 through 14.  Every one of them earned a rank upgrade after demonstrating their required skill sets for their age groups. Each student went three rounds in the spirit circle in front of five Black Belts on today’s review board. All the students above the rank of green belt completed their third round blindfolded, including their Kyukpha (Breaking) requirement. They were incredible!

A very special thank you to our JMAFC staff and Instructor candidates who participated in today’s grading. A special thank you to Black Belt candidate Holly M. and teen class members Aurora and Zachary, who came out today to assist these youngsters in achieving their Goals!

Master Ava and I are incredibly blessed to watch these kids grow up on the mat at JMAFC.

Well done everyone!