Make-up grading was held Friday afternoon at JMAFC Hapkido. Four awesome HapKIDo kids, that were unable to attend the April grading, demonstrated their required skill sets for members of the grading review board.  

They all earned a rank upgrade!

Well done everyone!


DON'T MISS THIS ONE!! Special HapKiDo Seminar with GM Scott Yates May 24th & 25th

Shin Moo HapKiDo Grandmaster & US Director of the Korea Hapkido Federation

KIDS – TEENS – ADULTS  Don’t miss this one!!

ShinMoo Hapkido Grandmaster Scott Yates will be visiting to instruct  exciting HapKiDo workshops for Kids, Teens and Adults. GM Yates has had the privilege of spending the last 28 years directly under the tutelage of DoJu Nim Ji, Han Jae, the founder of ShinMoo Hapkido. Training for thousands of hours on the mat and assisting Doju Ji in hundreds of seminars around the world has allowed him to bring a clear perspective to the effective application of this art.