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Walking the path

JMAFC Black Belt walking the path to become an Instructor

JMAFC would like to congratulate Mrs. Melinda Remener (Miss. Mel to the kiddos) on receiving the title Hapkido Jo Kyo Nim (Instructor Assistant).  Mel is always incredibly supportive of all our JMAFC students and is always eager to assist with classes and sit on the board for belt gradings. We look forward to guiding Jo Kyo Nim Mel as she, along with Mr. Adams, and Mr. Ryder, walk the path to becoming instructors.

Jung Moo Hapkido Kwan Instructors are professionally trained to teach others to pass on the correct knowledge and skill sets. This ensures the continuation of the high standards and authenticity of the art. Many people have a misconception that just having a Black belt makes a person qualified to teach others. This is false and does a huge disservice to the individuals being instructed and is ultimately damaging to the art.  Martial Arts passed down to others in this manner are degraded and inferior.

Earning a Black Belt means that the student has graduated from the color belt ranks and has built a foundation on which to learn. Black Belt is where the student takes the tools they have gathered during their journey thus far, and through the experience and guidance of their Master or Grandmaster, begin to develop the proper mind set and the advanced skill sets needed to develop and grow as a Martial “Artist”.

Jung Moo Hapkido Kwan Instructors hold Internationally recognized rankings and must meet stringent qualifications, such as the completion of instructor training hours, apprenticeship hours, criminal history background checks, including State child abuse registry clearance, as well as first aid and CPR certifications. In addition, they must hold an Instructor Certification and be  2nd Dan or higher to issue rank through 1st gup. (Color Belt ranks). They cannot themselves promote any individual to Black Belt until they themselves have at least a 3rd Dan or higher and have met all the other qualifications.

Congratulations Miss.Mel! We are happy to have you as part of our JMAFC HapKiDo Family!

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