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Flexible Tools Workshop – Pobok-sool

Flexible tools workshop - Hapkido Pobok-sool

Our first workshop / seminar of the 2023 summer season!

Flexible tools workshop – Hapkido Pobok-sool

Saturday, June 24th 2023 from 10am until 3pm. (Just tell your friends you will be “tied-up” for a few hours that day)!

In this workshop you will study some of the concepts, methods and techniques used as a foundation to develop practical and effective skill sets with items such as rope, a belt, a piece of chain, a scarf, extension cord and yes, even a plastic shopping bag like you get at the grocery store. Blocks, locks, restraints, holds, strikes and throws.

Hapkido weapons systems (Hapki Mugi sool), are designed to teach us to use items found in our everyday environment as tools of self-defense. This is just one of the many things that makes Hapkido a unique and practical martial art.

This is a great opportunity to study Pobok-sool techniques that are required for 2nd Dan Black Belts, regardless of your current rank. This is a WJHA event, so training passports will be stamped and certificates of workshop completion will be issued.

Cost is $50 for JMAFC members or family of members.

Register at the Dojang!

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