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The Sleeping Tiger Awakes

The Sleeping Tiger Awakes

The Black Belt test.

Every single student has faced their own personal challenges to arrive at this milestone. But with each step along the path, they have become stronger mentally and physically.

There is a moment during the test that every Sabeom “Master Instructor”, waits for in anticipation. The moment the “sleeping tiger awakes”.

That moment when the student gains control of all their apprehension, anxiety, and fear of failure. They focus only on what they are doing at that very moment.

That moment when they revert to what has become second nature to them. Their training. Their muscle memory from hours and hours of repetition on the mat.

That moment when amid all the chaos of the dynamic circle as they keep being attacked over and over, the bridge between the mind and body, the breath, has been brought under control though tanjun breathing.

That moment when there is harmony between the mind and body.

That moment is HapKi. That is the moment they step over the line and begin their journey as a HapKiDo Black Belt.

The sleeping tiger awakes!