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Black Belt Gratitude

The JMAFC HAPKIDO tradition of presenting mothers, grandmothers, guardians, or significant others with a rose after being awarded their Black Belt, then dropping to their knees and doing a deep, slow bow, symbolizes Gratitude, Humility and Loyalty.

I look forward to this display of respect and admiration for family by our Warriors that are grading for Black Belt Dan rankings this weekend. I will NOT wish them “GOOD LUCK” as they reach this milestone on their Hapkido Journey, because it is not “LUCK” that has carried them through years of training to reach this point. They have reached this point through Dedication, Determination, Sweat and Indomitable Spirit!

John, Mel, Geril, Holden, Von and Elliott; I am honored to be your guide on this Journey. You have my deepest respect, admiration, and love.

I also want to extend my thanks to all our extended JMAFC Family for the love and support you provide, not only to your Martial Artist, but all of us at Jung Martial Arts Family Center!


Master Terry