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Breaking News! 2021 Black Belt Dan Testing Results

Black Belt Test 2021

2021 Jung Moo Hapkido Black Belt Dan Testing Results

Congratulations to our dedicated Hapkidoin that graded up Saturday June 27th. It was the culmination of four weeks of evaluations on concepts, methods and skill sets. Today they completed the grueling Jung Moo Hapkido Spirit test. They demonstrated their ability to regain control while under extreme physical and emotional stress. Pushed to the point of exhaustion and fatigue by being continually attacked by multiple opponents.

It is always amazing to observe the exact moment when they near their physical and mental limits and suddenly the training takes over and they regain control and perform skill sets without any thought. There are no choreographed movements or pre-planned attacks. They apply methods and concepts that have become natural responses for them.

Under extreme stress they revert to what has become second nature through their training. They regain control through tanjun breathing and are even smiling as they defend themselves. That is the moment they become a Hapkido Black Belt. That is Authentic Hap Ki Do! The Korean Martial Art of self-defense!

Afterward they presented their family with a rose symbolizing their love and respect for family. Humbleness and Humility. Well done!!


Congratulations to;

  • Megan K. 1st Dan Black Belt
  • Nathan F. 1st Dan Black Belt
  • Evan A. 2nd Dan Black Belt
  • Lani OC 3rd Dan Black Belt
  • Congratulations also to William McG 2nd Dan Black Belt who completed his testing cycle in May before his vacation.

A very special thank you to the students that came out today and assisted their brothers and sisters with their spirit test. Also special thanks to Jr. Red Belt Ryder S, who did a phenomenal job video taping the test. He panned and zoomed and caught all the joint twisting, earth slapping action!

Well done by all!


Master Terry