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Please join us in congratulating Mel, Holden, John and Geril who graded up to Red Belt at the conclusion of yesterday’s Cane seminar! Also, Nate and Andrew earned their Orange belts! What a great day on the mat at JMAFC!
A mat full of dedicated Hapkidoin gave 100% the entire day! The seminar started at 9am with the first three hours studying and practicing grips, stances, strikes (ascending, descending, linear, diagonal, thrusts and jabs). They practiced all their strikes on targets after getting the basic movements down to feel the resistance of actually making contact with the target as well as accuracy in both point of impact and striking surface of the cane.
The Lunch hour was amazing. Everyone got to enjoy the sunshine while having a picnic lunch. Nate was our grill master and was fantastic! Everyone shared some great food with everything from burgers and various salads and garden goodies, to cucumber kimchi and other hot spicy treats!
After lunch everyone eased into the afternoon with reviews while lunch settled and then the “blocks-n-locks” hands on sessions. They got a little taste of how effectively the cane be used in combination with their basic locking concepts and also practiced cane retention, using shifting fulcrums and taking away an attacker’s structural center. They got to finish up by having a little throwing fun with the cane.
They rounded out the day with an individual evaluation, that of course included a question and answer section and a trip to the center of the circle. They are all ready to participate in the advanced cane workshops.
At the conclusion of the day, everyone received their seminar certificates. The Red and Orange belts received their belt and everyone had their training records stamped. But here was one more special presentation that ended the day.
Ryder S, a young man who through hard work and dedication over many years has worked his way up the ranks through the Tiny Tiger programs, Tigers, Eagles and now the adult class. Saturday he formally received his official letter of invitation to test for his 1st Degree Black Belt this coming November!
A very special Thank You to our assistant seminar Instructors; Master Ava, Miss Lani and Mr. Evan. They were able to give everyone personal assistance and attention throughout the entire day. They truly made the seminar a success.
I cannot emphasize enough how very impressed I am with everyone of the attendees! They take their training seriously and Hap Ki Do clearly plays an important role in their lives. It was a great day of fellowship and friendship on the mat with some of our JMAFC Family!