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Summer Black Belt Grading Results

2nd Dan Megan K 1st Dan's Colleen A., Gia B., and Elijah C.

Breaking News!

Jung Moo Hap Ki Do has one new 2nd Dan and three new 1st Dan Black Belts!

Today, four dedicated Hapkidoin who have worked their way over the years, through our kids, teen and finally into the adult training programs, earned their Black Belts in HapKiDo!  They started out taking their turn in the dynamic spirit circle, defending against a group of six black belts as they were repeatedly attacked with punches, kicks, grabs and holds. In addition to empty hand, they defended against edged weapons, clubs and bats. They each went three rounds! The third round they demonstrated their knowledge and proficiency with their locking concepts, blindfolded.

They then demonstrated their accuracy, speed, control and focus kicking skills by completing their required braking techniques. Lots of broken boards and even concrete were left in their wake.

After being awarded their Black Belts, things got emotional as they expressed their gratitude to their families by presenting them with a rose and a solemn bow.

A very special thank you to the Black Belts and Red belts that came in today to assist their Dojang brother and sisters complete the test!

Congratulations 2nd Dan Megan and 1st Dans Gia, Eli and Colleen! Today you EARNED your Black Belt!