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November Kids Color Belt Grading Results


We had an awesome Saturday on the mat at JMAFC Hapkido! A vigorous sparring class followed by three belt exams. 17 young Hapkidoin from several different kids program classes, ranging in age from 5 to 14, earned a rank upgrade!  They demonstrated their required skill sets for their age groups by going three rounds in the spirit circle in front of 7 Black Belts on the grading review board. After their third round, each one successfully completed their Kyukpha (Breaking) requirement! Two young green belts completed their third round as well as their board breaks, blindfolded, as they demonstrated their knowledge of Hapki concepts and principles for their age and skill level.


A very special thank you to Zachary B. who participated in the spirit circle with his classmates and Black Belt Candidate Holly, who spent her Saturday coaching and helping her Hapkido family members complete the grading successfully.

Congratulations to these 17 amazing Hapkido kids.

Well done everyone!