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First Kids Belt Grading of 2024

January 2024 Kids Belt Grading Results


The first kids belt grading of 2024 was held today! We love watching the transformation that these kids go through as they progress along the path of their HapKiDo journey.

17 young Hapkidoin, ranging in age from 5 to 13, who recently earned their fourth stripe, graded up today!

They demonstrated their required skill sets for their age groups by going three rounds in the spirit circle in front of 7 Black Belts on the grading review board. After their third round, each one successfully completed their Kyukpha (Breaking) requirement!

A very special thank you to the 7 black belts and black belt candidate Holly M. who sat on the review board today. We are blessed to have such talented and dedicated students, instructors and apprentice instructors at JMAFC.