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Traditional Values with Skill Sets for the Modern World

Jung mu hapkido


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June Belt Grading Results

June Belt Grading Results

ALWAYS EARNED, NEVER GIVEN! Traditional Values, Modern Skills, Authentic Martial Arts. Belt grading is so much more than just evaluating…
Happy Anniversary JMAFC

Happy Anniversary JMAFC

30 Years of HapKiDo excellence! Today, as we mark the 30th anniversary of our very first HapKiDo class as JMAFC,…


Memorial Day Reminder Dear JMAFC Hapkido Family, As a reminder; In observance of Memorial Day, JMAFC will be closed today.…

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1300 Broad Street Rear

Montoursville - Pennsylvania

17754 (United States)

Jung Martial Arts Family Center

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Jung martial arts

A great authentic martial arts school and a great master in the area! Anyone can join this awesome place to learn and enjoy! Don’t just take my words, please be there and check this place out. You won’t be regret it!

Inwan Kim

My daughter loves the Hapkido class! The instructors are so patient and kind with the kiddos, while still challenging them! Highly recommended!

Renee Reidy

They are amazing with kids of all ages. We have joined their family night to train as well and really enjoy our time practicing and learning

Erin Armond

Jung Martial Arts is the finest establishment I have ever seen. If anyone is looking to get their child(ren) involved in a self defense class this is what you have been looking for. They promote safety and defense. They also have ADULT classes. I promise you will love it. We love it here. Come try it!!!! Family Atmosphere and welcoming to everyone!

Renee Smith

My three kids and myself were lucky to take classes here. An amazing experience!! They are the best!!

Lisa Leonard

A dedicated school for the Korean Martial Arts. With a focus on practical self defense through a positive training environment. Excellent instructors that have a passion for bringing out the best of their students.

Geoff Booth

Every child is made to believe (as they should) that he or she is a person of value. in a world that can be cruel not only emotionally, but physically nothing wrong in knowing how to defend themselves. they are also taught respect, something that is very lacking now days.

Marie Fye

Excellent Hapkido dojang. Master Terry is excellent martial artist and teacher. I have know over 30 years. I recommend to everyone who wants to learn authentic Hapkido.

Taeho Moon

This center has the best positive encouragement for all ages. It is great place for families to learn together, and of course individuals. It is a total experience learning the techniques and culture of Korean Hapkido. We are blessed to have Master Terry and all the skilled staff as instructors. I highly recommend it.

Taci McGee

Great place to meet new people. To make a family. And best of all learn how to defend your self and loved ones.

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Tim McElroy

Video Testimonials

What our members say

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JMAFC Student Mel Remener shares her experience about beginning her Hapkido journey at Jung Martial Arts. She had decided to sign up for the adult Hapkido to help her son who was in the tiny Tiger program and soon found out how incredible the Martial Arts of Hapkido and Kumdo are and how they help a busy mom reduce stress and stay focused.
Steve and Renee Smith share their experience with JMAFC. Their son Ryder started in the Tiny Tiger Program and has since moved into the Junior Kids class. They explain how they have watched Ryder's respect for himself and others grow and describe some of the breakthroughs they have seen as he continues to develop leadership skills.


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 This schedule is (Live), so all changes in scheduling, such as closures due to weather, etc. are listed.