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Women’s Empowerment Self-Protection Program

WESPEmpowerment Self-Protection Program

The Women’s Empowerment Self-Protection Program is a no-nonsense, self-protection class that teaches strong physical self-protection skills, as well as the science and psychology behind interpersonal human aggression. You will learn how to interpret non-verbal cues and avoid common situations that put you at risk of violence. Our program covers first aid, firearms safety, understanding state and federal laws about self-protection and real world, effective, self-protection techniques that may save the lives of you and your loved ones.

WESP is not a Traditional Martial Arts Class. When the WESP members step on the mat, there are no martial arts uniforms needed or traditional etiquette followed. WESP members train together on the mat with one common goal, learning to survive and protect their loved ones. It is all about becoming Empowered!

The lessons are taught by Certified Instructors, with decades of real experience. WESP is a 4 week  course that is taught in a family friendly, informal environment.


GET EMPOWERED!  Call or stop in to schedule a WESP for group!

3:24 pm