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Master Terry O’Connell

“I began taking Martial Arts lessons locally when I was fourteen years old, over 4 decades ago. It was difficult to find Martial Arts Schools in the North Central Pennsylvania hills in the early 70’s. My Father and I visited several local “classes”, but my Father, who experienced some Martial Arts training first hand while serving in the U.S, Navy, was never impressed with what he saw. Like many teens In the early days of Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and Billy Jack (GM Bong Soo Hong Hapkido), however I really wanted to learn so I attended classes. It was not until I was old enough and enlisted in the U.S. Marines that I understood what my Father was talking about.

I have been fortunate enough to experienced Martial Arts training in Japan, Okinawa and Korea, where I discovered that there was a profound difference between Authentic Martial Arts and how it was taught compared to what was being taught locally at home. I made a vow that I would never again study Martial Arts that were not Authentic in linage and instruction. Today our Dojang is affiliated with the best, most Authentic Hapkido Grandmasters in the world”.

Master Terry O’Connell

Master Terry O’Connell is the Director, (Kwan Jang) and Senior Master Instructor of the Jung Martial Arts Family Center in Williamsport and Montoursville, Pennsylvania. Students refer to him as “Master Terry”. Master O’Connell is an internationally recognized and certified Master Instructor in the Korean Martial Arts of Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do and Kumdo, (Gumdo, Way of the Sword). Master O’Connell has over 50 years of Martial Arts experience and has been training and teaching Authentic Hapkido, for more than 40 years. He holds an Internationally Recognized 7th Dan Black Belt in Authentic Hapkido. Master O’Connell is the USA Director of the World Jung Moo Hapkido Association. Master O’Connell is also a member of the Korea Hapkido Federation, the International Hapkido Alliance and HAPKIDOWON, where he also serves as a member of the General Assembly under the Secretariat Board.  


Master O’Connell is a retired Lycoming County Police Officer who served as a Special County Detective, Criminal Investigator, application of force trainer and Chief of Police during his Career. He also served in the capacity of a Special Deputy United States Marshal for the fugitive task force, hunting down fugitives in the Middle District of Pennsylvania and is a former United States Marine. Master O’Connell has more than a quarter century of Law Enforcement application of force experience and has taught defensive tactics for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to hundreds of Law Enforcement Officers.


In addition to his Martial Arts certifications, Master Terry is an Instructor for the National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Division for the disciplines of Handgun, Shotgun and Precision Long Range Rifle. Master O’Connell teaches Hapkido full time, both privately and publicly at Jung Martial Arts Family Center in Montoursville, Pennsylvania, USA. 

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