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Family HAPKIDO Class

At Jung’s Martial Arts Family Center

Family is not just in our name,

It is in our Organizational Values!


familyclass2Jung’s Martial Arts is a FAMILY CENTER. It is not just in our name, it is in our values and belief system as an organization. Jung’s offers training opportunities and special rates to families that train together.

Classes are not only available for your Child, they are available for you also. Some Martial Arts schools focus more on sparring and competition rather than the Students mental and physical well being. These types of schools are not the ideal when it comes to a family-friendly class. Authentic Martial arts is about facing the toughest opponent you will ever face in your life. Yourself!

Authentic Martial Arts training is about building discipline, building confidence, cultivating character, improving your physical conditioning and learning to apply traditional Martial Arts values to your everyday lifestyle. When you train with your child it helps reinforce the lessons that we teach in the Dojang, (training hall), which are the same values that you, as a responsible parent, teach at home.

Parents can have a tremendous impact on a child’s experience by training also. What better way to show your little one just how involved and interested you are in what they are learning than joining in? Training as a family gives you time to bond with your child, plus it allows you to spend time together. 

If you don’t have time to hit the gym or don’t want to pay the extra money to hire a babysitter just so you can get a quick workout in, joining a Jung’s Martial Arts class with your child is a creative solution to finding time to exercise. Why not spend quality time as a family, increase your strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility, while having a great time?.

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We offer special rates for families!

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