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About Jung Martial Arts

Master Terry OC



We at Jung Martial Arts Family center want to welcome you to a Martial Arts School that is dedicated to providing your family with a rewarding and exciting experience. Your  personal development is our primary goal. Jung Martial Arts Family Center has been serving the Greater Williamsport area since 1994 and has been recognized many times by the Martial Arts community worldwide. Our unique environment will provide you and your family with a truly positive Martial Arts Experience. Jung Martial Arts Family Center prides itself on having the highest quality of instruction. We do this through an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. Combined with the guidance of many of the most renowned Hapkido Grandmasters and practitioners in the world.

Jung Martial Arts Family Center  Instructors are Authentic Martial Artists, true leaders who are trained to teach others. They understand that each student is different and learns and comprehends differently. They are taught to focus on the needs of each individual to help them reach their highest levels of self-improvement from both a physical and mental standpoint.

Many times others will ask questions like; why do you use Korean terminology, or teach Korean traditions and history, you are all American. Well of course we are American. But to learn and truly understand an Authentic Martial Art one must not only understand the Physiological movements and the science behind them, but also the Philosophical aspects of it also. This has nothing to do with religion, nor ethnicity. To truly understand something you must explore it from the inside out and the outside in. That is one of the many difference’s between Authentic Martial Arts and what has become the norm unfortunately for so many other “Westernized Martial Arts”. It is the responsibility of all Instructors of Authentic Martial Arts to hand down all of the teachings of the Art in order for it to be passed on from generation to generation in its original form. This includes the terminology and a true understanding of its culture of origin. But if one does not know or understand all aspects of the Art it becomes watered down and in time no longer resembles that of the Authentic Art.

At Jung Martial Arts Family Center we are committed to teaching the whole Art, in an Authentic manner. Hapkido is not a game, nor is it a sport. It is an Authentic Korean Martial Art of self-defense.

Master Terry” O’Connell

Kwan Chang

Director & Senior Master Instructor

1:50 pm