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In-Depth Skills Training

Hapkido Essentials Workshops provide in-depth instruction into the principles, concepts and applications of essential Hapkido skill sets. These seminars are Open to all Hapkido practitioners regardless of rank or affiliation. (Age restrictions may apply, check with your Instructor). When attending a Jung Moo Hapkido seminar, be prepared to train. These workshops are designed provide you with the tools you need to build solid fundamental skills from the ground up through Authentic Hapkido training methods.

Danbong – Level 1

This course of Instruction will focus on the Hapkido Dan Bong, (Short Stick), Level 1.

Level 1 consists of Strikes, Blocks, Locks and Throws, at the basic and Intermediate level. This class must be completed in order to participate in the Level 2 (Advanced), course. Dan Bong proficiency is a requirement for all Jung Moo Hapkido 1st Dan Black Belts to grade to 2nd Dan, however all ranks may take this course.

Open to all Hapkido Practitioners

This Jung Moo Hapkido Kwan seminar is open at all Hapkidoin regardless of affiliation.

WHEN: June 29th, 2019  10:00 am – 2:00 pm

WHERE: Jung Martial Arts Family Center  930 Plaza Dr. – Savoy Professional Plaza, Montoursville, Pa. 17754  (USA Headquarters Dojang)


EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Dobok (Uniform) Danbong (Training Danbongs will be provided, or you may bring your own).

For questions contact us at:  570-327-0695 or Email; sabum@jungmartialarts.com

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