Costume Contest Results 2019

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Here are the Costume Contest results for our 25th Annual Kick or Treat Kids party. It was great night of Halloween fun and games with some of our Jung Martial Arts Family! A special thank you to all the parents who provided the treats for the kids and helped out. With all the wonderful original costumes, judging was difficult. The costumes were all amazing! We had an incredible pumpkin head, A transformer, a vicious looking, (but cute at the same time), wolf in a Jung Moo Kwan dobok, two young Scotsman, (they actually are), in traditional Scottish attire and lots of many other awesome costumes. A few were truly chilling.

Four Costume Contest winners were chosen; the Prettiest, Tiny Tiger Audrey, dazzled us with her unicorn princess costume. The Creepiest, Camden from the Teen class just creeped us out with her haunting look like something out of a Stephen King film. And speaking of scary and creepy, the Scariest winner, Jacob, was dressed as a homicidal clown and he was outright chilling. And he never broke character the entire night! Best overall original costume went to Sophia who turned herself into a painting!

Visit our public JMAFC Facebook Page to view the winners!

Thank you to all of our JMAFC family that were able to make it to the party!