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SEMINAR! HAPKIDO CANE Jipang-I 지팡이 – 무기술


Join Master Terry on the mat for an exciting 1-day seminar focusing on the Hapkido Cane (Jipangi). You will learn methods and techniques that will help you develop quick and effective self-defense skill sets with this street legal tool.

Space is limited We are only allowing 20 spots for safety. (This is real Martial Arts training) After August 19th we will open up the registration for non-Jung MA members so register early! Sorry, no walk-ins on training day. Pre-registration is required!

  • DATE: Saturday August 27th 2022
  • TIME: 9am – 4pm
  • WHO: All ranks Age 13+

See an Instructor to register or call the Dojang at (570) 327-0695